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Simon Parker Doctoral Workshop (July 1-4)

This seminar is organized by the University of Siegen (Prof. Petra Moog) and the Jackstädt Center.

(1) Research strategy/project development (covering e.g. timing, co-authorships, surviving setbacks versus canceling projects, strategies for identification of relevant (publishable) research gaps, for approaching & handling co-authorships, when/how to talk to experienced researchers, asking for (friendly) feedback, what are the implicit rules? use of conferences),

(2) Publishing strategy,

(3) How journals work (dos and don'ts; how to review papers and respond to reviewer and editor letters with practical examples),

(4) Writing advice with practical examples of how to write papers effectively (requires students to submit their papers beforehand and revise work during the 4 day event)


The siminar will take place from July 1-4, 2013. The first two days (July 1 & 2) take place in Siegen and the last two days (July 3 & 4) take place in Wuppertal i.e. students have to travel between the two universities during the 4-day course.

- Morning sessions (9:30 – 12:30): Lectures by Simon Parker

- Afternoon sessions (14:00 – 17:00): Paper discussions with Simon Parker and Nina Rosenbusch

NOTE: This includes individual and/or group feedback on a working paper handed in by the doctoral students beforehand (June 25).


Application deadline
Application deadline for BUW doctoral students is June 15. Please register with Prof. Urbig (urbig{at} and Prof. Procher (procher{at} at the JZ. Slots will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis. About 20 places are available (10-12 reserved for BUW students, 10-12 reserved for Siegen students).


Course credits
Course deliveries: Mandatory attendance and active participation during all seminars, reading the course literature, delivering working paper

This course can be credited as doctoral seminar at the Schumpeter School.


Schumpeter Colloquium (July 3, 14-16, Senatssaal)
It is envisaged that Simon Parker presents some new insights and recent developments with respect to his book „Economics of Entrepreneurship“ (the latter is currently offered as a master seminar by Prof. Urbig and Prof. Procher).