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There are no free places avaliable. You can still apply via Wusel for waiting list.

Masterseminar (June 2014)

International Entrepreneurship

International entrepreneurship is the study of two key areas: cross-national comparisons of entrepreneurship (e.g., what are the differences in entrepreneurial activity among Germany, the United States, and other countries) and cross-national-border behavior of new ventures (e.g., how do new firms internationalize effectively to other countries?) This class will address both components including the introduction and application of case study methods. First, data from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM;, the largest global study of entrepreneurial activity will be presented in class. We will specifically examine entrepreneurial activity in Germany relative to the rest of the world, and discuss the priorities for Germany to continue to encourage high potential (and often international) entrepreneurial activity. Second, we will investigate the phenomenon of “born globals”- that is start-ups that are international from near their conception. These firms contribute substantially to economic development all over the world. During the seminar students will be introduced to key strategic frameworks for developing and growing new ventures such as Porter’s Five Forces and McKinsey 7S. These frameworks will be applied in a case study discussion. In the final term paper (Seminararbeit) students will analyze a case study.

The course will be conducted by Siri Terjesen who is Assistant Professor of Strategic Management and International Business from the Indiana University/USA. Course language will be English. The term paper can be written in German or English. Prof. Terjesen will be guest researcher at the Jackstädt Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and available for consultation during the course.

Registration: Participation is limited to 20 students. Please, register via Wusel till May 30. Places will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Course reading: Selected course reading material will be distributed in advance

Term paper (Seminararbeit): 15 pages (in German or English)

Contact: For any question regarding this couse please contact Prof. Vivien Procher oder Prof. Diemo Urbig.

Average grade in this course: 1,9  


Credits obtained by students in this seminar are accepted for the following modules:

MWiWi 1.4 - "Innovations- und Technologiemanagement" (Witt)

MWiWi 1.8 - "Personalmanagement" (Fallgatter)

MWiWi 1.14 - "Energie- und Projektmanagement" (Witt)

MWiWi 2.4 - "Entrepreneurship und Wirtschaftsentwicklung" (Volkmann)

MWiWi 2.6 - "Industrieökonomik" (Bönte)

MWiWi 2.7 - "Infrastruktur und Wirtschaftsentwicklung" (Volkmann)


1. Kick-off meeting, June 11, 14-15 (course organization, questions by students, preparation) - not obligatory as long as text that are made available in advance are read in advance.

2. June 18, 12-16, and June 24, 10-16 (introduction to topic and frameworks) - obligatory.

Room: M.14.22

Submission of term paper: August 30, 2014