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Directions to the Grifflenberg Campus:


The Jackstädt Center can be found on the 8th floor in the “P” Building on the Grifflenberg Campus.

Click here to download a map of the campus.





Directions to Campus from Public Transportation:

You can reach the Wuppertal Main Train Station (previously Wuppertal-Elberfeld) with any train (ICE, Regional train, or Subway-S-Train).

At the Main Train Station, the bus stop “Wuppertal Hbf/Döppersberg” one can take the following bus lines to the University stop “Universität”:


  • Bus 645 (direction “Schulzentrum Süd”)
  • Bus 615 (direction “Remscheid Friedrich-Ebert-Platz”)
  • Bus E (Express bus to University, does not fun during semester holidays)

Additionally, one can take the following bus, to the stop “Mensa” which will bring you close to building “P.”

  • Bus 603 (direction Küllenhahn or Campus Freudenberg)

Directions from the Highway:


  • Take the A43 to BAB-Kreuz “Wuppertal-Nord”
  • Take A46 to the exit “Wuppertal-Katernberg” (Nr. 33)
  • Follow the signs that read “Universität”


  • Take the A1 to Kreuz “Wuppertal-Nord”
  • Take the A46 to the exit “Wuppertal-Katernberg” (Nr. 33)
  • Follow the signs that read “Universität”



  • Take the A46 to the exit “Wuppertal-Ronsdorf/Cronenberg” (Nr. 31)
  • On the expressway follow the street to the right in the direction “Elberfeld/Universität”
  • Then go through the “Kiesberg Tunnel” to the “Viehhofstraβe”
  • Then follow the signs that read “Uniersität”


  • Take the B224 to “Sonnborner Kreus”
  • Take the exit “Wuppertal-Ronsdorf”
  • Then follow in the direction “Elberfeld/Universität”
  • Go through the “Kiesberg Tunnel” then onto the “Viehhofstraβe”
  • Then follow the signs that read “Universität”


  • Take the A1 to the exit “Wuppertal-Ronsdorf” (Nr. 94)
  • Take B51 to the direction “Wuppertal-Mitte/Wuppertal-Ronsdorf”
  • After 1.5km make a left in the direction “Elberfeld (Blombachtalbrücke)”
  • Continue straight until you go past the Water Tower, and follow the “Vorfahrtsstraβe”
  • Follow the signs for the “Universität” (the second exit)


Click here for a map of the nearby highways





For the most part, parking garages, and parking spaces near the University are free for everyone to use.

Please be careful of the opening hours of the parking garages (with one exception by the Special events)

  • Mo-Fr: 7:00-10:30
  • Sa-Su: closed