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The Jackstädt Center consists of an executive committee of four professors from the University of Wuppertal,  two assistant professors, research assistants, doctoral students, and student assistants. 

Reseach topics of the executive committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann (Chairwoman): Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
  • Prof. Dr. Werner Bönte (Deputy Chairman):Industrial Economics and Innovation
  • Prof. Dr. Michael J. Fallgatter: Human Resource Management and Organization
  • (Dean of the Schumpeter School of Business and Economics)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Witt:Technology and Innovation Management

Research topics of the assistant professors:

  • Prof. Dr. Diemo Urbig: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and
    Corporate Change
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Rupietta: Business Administration and Innovation

Research topics of the doctoral students:

  • Faisal Saeed Malik, M. Sc.: Innovation and Entrepreneuship

The team is complemented by two student assistants:

  • Kajatheepan Navanathan, B.Sc.
  • Julia Sträter, B.Sc.