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  • Lehrveranstaltungen Sommersemester 2020
    Im kommenden Sommersemester bietet das Jackstädtzentrum für Unternehmertums- und... [more]
  • Call for Abstracts: International QCA Paper Development Workshop 2019
    The International QCA Paper Development Workshop 2019 provides a unique platform for researchers... [more]
  • Studienergebnis: Unternehmerisch tätige Menschen haben Freude am Wettbewerb
    Unternehmerisch tätige bzw. veranlagte Menschen haben Freude am Wettbewerb an sich. Dabei geht es... [more]
  • Jahresbericht 2017
    Der Jahresbericht 2017 des Jackstädtzentrums ist nun online und auf der Website einsehbar. [more]
  • Studentische/Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte gesucht
    Zur Verstärkung unseres forschungsorientierten Teams suchen wir zum 01.01.2019, befristet für 1... [more]
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With regard to transfer activities, the Jackstädt Center is meant to complement the existing and very successful activities of the University of Wuppertal in general and the Schumpeter School in particular (e.g. the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovations Research, IGIF). While many of the present efforts aim at evaluating the relevance of research results for practical applicability and eventually transferring them to practice, the Jackstädt Center will instead focus on the question of how the transfer of relevant business problems to academia can be improved. This aim requires academics and practitioners to meet not only for data generation and presentation of results but to actively discuss practically relevant problems in advance. We do not only
think in terms of applied research here but also feel obliged as scientists to translate practical problems into basic research questions. In our
view, economic research offers a vast potential for such transfer activities.