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  • Save the date: International QCA Workshops will take place from November 23-25, 2020 as online events
    The 8. International QCA Expert Workshop and the 4. International QCA Paper Development Workshops... [more]
  • „Jahr100Wissen“: Das Familienunternehmen Jackstädt – ein lokal verwurzelter Weltkonzern
    In der Reihe „Jahr100Wissen“ beschäftigen sich Wissenschaftler*innen der Bergischen Universität mit... [more]
  • Summer term 2020: Start of the courses offered by the Jackstädt Center
    Due to the postponement of the semester start to April 20, 2020, all courses of the Jackstadt Centre... [more]
  • Sprechstundenangebot am Jackstädt-Zentrum
    Derzeit können leider auf Grund der Corona-Krise keine Sprechstunden vor Ort an der Universität... [more]
  • Skalierbarkeit von sozialen Innovationen
    BMBF fördert Prof. Volkmann und Jun.-Prof. Rupietta [more]
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Technology and Society

In September 2012, a symposium on the societal acceptance of new energy technologies took place in the context of the Global Young Faculty, which is an initiative of the Mercator Foundation and several universities in the Ruhr area. This symposium was organized by the workgroup “Technology and Society” of which Vivien Procher is a member. In the face of new energy technologies there often occurs a political and societal conflict, especially if supra-regional consent clashes with regional dissent. Such a situation may be problematic for entrepreneurs as well as for citizens. At the symposium, more than 80 participants from companies, academia, NGOs and citizens´ initiatives discussed how the citizen can turn from an assumed risk factor into a supportive power in the energy transformation process. The results of this symposium and similar events will be made accessible to the public in a series of audio podcasts. The online podcasts will present examples of successful as well as missing public acceptance and also offer interviews with technology experts.