Annual Report 2022

21.06.2023|15:23 Uhr

The Annual Report 2022 of the Jackstadt Center is now online and can be viewed on the website.

The Annual Report 2022 of the Jackstadt Center of the University of Wuppertal provides a comprehensive insight into the activities and successes of the center in the past year. The Jackstadt Center is a renowned institution for economic research and development and plays a significant role in promoting innovation and collaboration between science and business.

In 2022, the Jackstadt Center focused on several priority areas. One important aspect was the implementation of research projects on current economic topics. Various topics were addressed, including, for example, innovation strategies and practices, social innovations, and vocational training and innovation.

In addition, the Jackstadt Center worked closely with companies from the region to initiate innovative projects and collaborations. Strategic partnerships were established to jointly develop solutions to current challenges. Through the transfer of knowledge between the university and companies, the center was able to help develop practical solutions and strengthen the regional business location.

Overall, the 2022 Annual Report of the Jackstadt Center of the University of Wuppertal was a testament to the successful work of the center. Through its diverse activities in the areas of research, collaboration and promotion of young talent, the Jackstadt Center makes a valuable contribution to strengthening the regional economy and promoting innovation in society.

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