Indiana-Wuppertal Workshop 2019 in Wuppertal

From September 10 – 11, 2019, the Jackstädt Center hosted a meeting between affiliates of Indiana University and the Jackstädt Center and thereby continued a series of previous meetings. The meeting took place in the "Freiraum" at the Alte Weberei in Wuppertal, Germany. The workshop aims to promote scientific exchange and international and national networking. We were very pleased that we could attract several renowned scientists for the workshop. Among them were Prof. Dr. David Audretsch (Indiana University), Prof. Dr. Rui Baptista (University of Lisbon), Prof. Dr. Maxim Belitski (University of Reading), Prof. Dr. Christina Günther (WHU), Prof. Dr. Alexander Kritikos (German Institute for Economic Research), Prof. Dr. Petra Moog (University of Siegen), and Prof. Dr. Doug Noonan (Indiana University). Alumni of the Jackstädt Center were involved in the workshop with scientific contributions, as in previous years. Among them were Prof. Dr. Vivien Procher (EM Grenoble) and Prof. Dr. Philip Steinberg (University of Groningen).

The workshop was opened on the morning of September 10th by Prof. Dr. Christine Volkmann and Prof. Dr. David Audretsch. After a guided tour of the premises of the Alte Weberei, the workshop began with a series of lectures on corporate innovativeness and methods for exploring creativity. The workshop included interactive formats designed to promote networking among the participants and the development of new project ideas. On September 11th, contributors discussed start-up financing with a focus on crowdfunding as well as the motivations of start-up founders. A planned continuation of the workshop series will be held at Indiana University.

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